Quality Assurance

RO 306 EC - true quality mark

At Avastar, we have implemented an integrated system of management for food quality and safety and an efficient traceability of all inputs and outputs, thus ensuring high standards and consumer confidence.
Our internal food quality and safety procedures are strictly implemented at every step of the supply chain, from farm to the consumer.

Our strategy for quality assurance:

  • Delivering true quality meat products by sourcing livestock from quality approved farmers

  • Providing quality consistency through learning and innovation, as our guarantee to our customers

  • Developing professional and dynamic relationships with customers and suppliers, resulting in better products

  • Achieving the best industry certifications and quality assurance schemes, both nationally and internationally

Our slaughtering quality assurance:

  • Out slaughtering process is according to the latest techniques, ensuring high hygiene standards and compliance with the HACCP guidelines and the food quality management

  • Qualified and authorized veterinary inspection

  • Highly skilled personnel to ensure professional handling of the carcasses

  • Grading system of carcases according to current standards, providing in depth information on the quality of meat

  • Integrated technology for Conventional and Halal slaughtering

Our certifications and quality assurance schemes

Our new state-of-the-art slaughterhouse is certified according to the EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard and all our operations are certified with the following quality management systems: EN ISO 22000/2005, BRC Global Food Standard 7 (AA grade), International Food Standard IFS 6.