Our team

Our team is our greatest asset

Our team is the key to our success and we consider our 220 plus committed staff to be our greatest asset.

We believe that our business is not about the things we create, but rather the people who create them and the people who share and believe in our values.

We prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our people

We take responsibility in ensuring that our team’s safety and wellbeing is a priority for Avastar. We strive to offer each of our employees a work environment where they can feel safe and motivated.
Through our policies, as an equal opportunities employer, we also promote diversity and provide equal opportunities amongst employees.

Our success is the success of our team

Our employees will be given the opportunity to develop and flourish within the company and thus we can grow together, making use of complementary resources.

Therefore, when we design programs for our people, we adopt important principles such as:

ensuring that our people enjoy being part of the team and share the same vision with us


inspiring our people to develop and become leaders in their field


creating a work environment where people are valued, trust each other and communicate freely and transparently